This REST API can manage source data as

and requires a match color and an optional set of options and returns

The API is freely usable 24 hours a day with the only limitation of 100000 characters for the source BASE64 image and of 2 MegaBytes if the source data is a png image.

API address

JSON POST request at:

Inputs parameters

You can ask for match_color OR match_not_color not both two

The following block of text identifies an image that can be sent to the api



By default versus is 'a' and the visvalingam tolernce is 10. An example option
{ versus: 'o',
  compress: {
    visvalingam: {tolerance: 1.5},
    uniq: true,
    linear: true
Try with Curl with Base64
curl -v   -H "Accept: application/json" -X POST   -d "png_base64_image=" -d "match_color=0" -d "options[compress][linear]=true" &> /dev/stdout
Try with curl, send a PNG image and obtain the sample png one
curl -v   -H "Accept: application/json" -X POST -F "png_image=@PATH_OF_YOUR_IMAGE_ON_DISK" -F "match_not_color=0" -F "options[compress][linear]=true" -F "options[compress][visvalingam]=true" -o output.png